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The corporation information about Tobetsu (Japanese Corporation). Tobetsu is located in 58-9 Shirakaba-cho, Tobetsu, Hokkaido.

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Corporation Number1000020013030
Corporation Name(English)Tobetsu
Type of Corporation地方公共団体
Post Code0610233

58-9 Shirakaba-cho, Tobetsu, Hokkaido

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Address in Japanese北海道石狩郡当別町白樺町58-9
Bankruptcy/Close day
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Last modified date2018-04-02
Latitude / Longitude43.22367934,141.51707746
what3wordsいれい・おおごえ・さわる (jp)
embarks.slice.cabin (en)
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1000020013030Tobetsu 当別町58-9 Shirakaba-cho, Tobetsu, Hokkaido
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